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Join us on this quest through bad luck!

Born from despair, Owari Da manifests.

Owari Da, a man, a mid wit, a degen, among the crowded streets of Tokyo, is the man with no hope. Everything in his life failed miserably, he is the personification of Owari Da - everything’s over!

Owari Da, whose real identity is unknown, once grasped for good fortune. It wasn't long before he decided to chase his dream job, which rejected him. He felt the same rejection from women, night after night. Until one day, with his last dollar, he tested his luck at a dimly lit pachinko parlor. Of course, he lost that day too, and under cigar smoke, he cursed “Owari Da”

We bring you the man with no hope, no women, no fortune. We bring you nothing. Today, you can find him wandering the streets of Tokyo mumbling ‘Owari Da’ everywhere he goes.